Harry William Holt Jr.

Harry William Holt Jr. was born and raised in the Hill District Area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended public schools for his primary education. He participated in a math exploration program in the third grade and the Koppers Explorers Club in the seventh grade. He also participated in Upward Bound at Carnegie Mellon University during his freshmen and sophomore year in high school. He did go away from home to school for his junior and senior year of high school through the A Better Chance Program. He later attended Brown University where he obtained a chemical engineering degree and participated in the INROADS Pittsburgh Program during his college years.

Harry began his professional career with Calgon Corporation and later taught math at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, Maryland. He also worked as a system engineer for the International Business Machines Company and later obtained his master’s degree from Dartmouth College. Harry worked as a consultant for many years with Price Waterhouse and with BITHGROUP Technologies. Harry also completed all his course work for his doctorate in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior at George Washington University. 

Harry has been an adjunct professor at Morgan State University for more than fifteen years. He is currently the vice president of operations at BITHGROUP Technologies. This is his first book, but he has published articles and papers in journals and newspapers for many years. Mr. Holt resides in Woodstock, Maryland with his wife and two children.