You Can Get There From Here From A Historically Black College or University To Greatness is a historical book discussing Historically Black Colleges and Universities and their significant contributions to the educational landscape of higher education in this country and the world. It profiles fifteen schools and thirty-three alumnus. Many of the alumni are famous people who are highly accomplished in their fields which include education, business, space technology, information technology, finance, medicine, civil rights, law, publishing, sports journalism, social justice, politics and entertainment. One thing that they all have in common is they started their journey to success at a historically black college or university. Their experiences and accomplishments are chronicled and they share their educational experiences at these schools and how they influenced and set them on the path to greatness.

Through researching historical archives and conducting personal interviews, unique characteristics and attributes of their time at the schools are revealed. Through the storytelling of inspirational figures the reader is taking on a journey of the past and the present of business and educational leaders at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Through these stories students get to see what is possible in the future and most importantly in themselves. The book provides a glimpse of the roadmap that can be utilized to prepare the next generation of leaders. It states that it will require a hands-on experiential learning approach that juxtaposes the student’s life journey.

Historically black colleges and universities have an enviable track record of producing some of the greatest minds on the planet. These brave men and women have overcome amazing obstacles, which has positioned them to boldly disrupt and dismantle many of today’s institutional barriers, which so often impede the professional attainment of women and people of color. The book shares the amazing graduation accomplishments of students from America’s HBCUs. This book once again illustrates the point that preparation, matched with opportunity, can and will propel young people to achieve their God-given purpose in life and in the process, enhance the quality of life for all humanity.

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